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Joel Chandler



So here it is, the culmination of way too many hours of film watching! I’ve scouted and ranked these players based purely on how I think they can help the Bengals based on what I see on the field. I didn’t take medical, off field or athletic testing into account, though I did drop Orlando Brown because his combine was historically bad. He’s a first rounder on tape.

You’ll see that I only scouted seven positions. Some of them are kind of nebulous, like DL vs DT/EDGE or OG/C. Obviously there are better players at other positions but I didn’t want to actually scout 200 some odd players. I also didn’t include safety or TE because frankly, I didn’t want to watch them. I got burnt out watching too many O-linemen.

I’ve also separated them into tiers. Some guys are basically the same talent wise but I have to put a number next to them. So that’s where the tiers come in to show where I think there’s a bit of a drop-off to the next prospect.
I’ll update this and reset the board after the first day so I hope you’ll use this to follow along for days 2 and 3 of the draft!

Here is the 2018 film only Bengals draft board.

If you want to see if my scouting is worth anything, check for yourself with my 2017 board here.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to follow me on twitter or leave some comments about what you think!

Joel is a punk rock musician that plays guitar for 5 Days Dirty and bass for Requiem. Born, raised and educated in Cincinnati until his music took him to Oakland, CA. Joel had a brief stint as a college football scout and still watches a lot of film. He's been a Bengals fan since 2004. He has a love/hate relationship with the team but desperately wants them to win

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