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My Scouting – A look back at the 2017 draft

Joel Chandler



I’m going to be posting some scouting reports as we approach the draft. Who the hell am I to tell you about whether or not a prospect is any good? I’m glad you asked!
Below is my board from 2017. Take a look, judge for yourself if you think I’m any good at scouting. Before you do, there are some things about this board I want to clarify.
1. This board is 100 percent accurate. By that I mean I ranked these prospects by how excited I would be if the Bengals drafted them. Not necessarily who is the best (though that’s mostly the case) and it’s specific to the Bengals. So what’s good for the Bengals might not be good for another team in my eyes.
2. I only scouted 3 positions. Yes, I know we needed O-line help last year but I didn’t think the Bengals would take one high and I also didn’t feel like scouting O-line – They didn’t pick an offensive lineman until day three of the draft.
3. I never intended for anyone else to see this. There may be some swearing in there and some of the notes are things like “duh” or “as advertised” because they are what people said they were or I didn’t need to remind myself what the players were.
4. I didn’t take character or health into account. That’s not fun and I’d just be speculating. I did take 2 people off the board for beating their dogs though. I’m not saying dogs are more important than people/women or anything like that. I just like dogs. Don’t hit your dogs, man.
5. I didn’t touch this sheet after the draft. I know it could have easily been edited to make me look better but you jerks aren’t paying me either! I have nothing to gain or prove.
Here is my board from last year.
As you can see I agreed with the Bengals on the John Ross pick. I think he was a great receiver that happened to blow up the combine. I was hoping Corey Davis would make it there but alas. I was almost in agreement with the Mixon pick – I only had Tim Williams ahead of him. Obviously that worked out pretty well since they got Carl Lawson in the 4th who I was also super high on. I can’t believe he made it that far. I thought he was better than Shaq Lawson in 2016 who went in the first round.
Anyway I’d love to know what you think! Leave me a comment or hit me up on twitter. I’ll get back to you either way. Look for my B-side scouting reports coming out soon on this site where I’ll look at prospects you may not of heard of that fit the Bengals!

Joel is a punk rock musician that plays guitar for 5 Days Dirty and bass for Requiem. Born, raised and educated in Cincinnati until his music took him to Oakland, CA. Joel had a brief stint as a college football scout and still watches a lot of film. He's been a Bengals fan since 2004. He has a love/hate relationship with the team but desperately wants them to win

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